San Diego Reader (June, 2012)  Indie Fertility: Five Local Bands to Listen To: Black Market III-- "Blinn re-invented himself years ago as a grease punk and put out some star-powered records that I reviewed for BluesWax and other national blues mags." (Click here for full Article)

San Diego Reader (Apr, 2012)  "The Garage Sessions ultimately have a larger purpose. We’re going to tie it in with a tour as a tool to accompany and promote our club dates.” Blinn says they have plans to organize gigs in fan garages across the country. “Like house concerts,” he says, “only greasier.” (Click here for full article)

Songwriter's Marketplace (Oct, 2011)  "Scottie Blinn is a long time San Diego favorite. An articulate and many faceted man with a lot on his plate: performer, songwriter, masterful musician, producer, engineer, teacher, artist, owner-operator of a recording studio, and a record label. Scottie is known for being the riveting guitar man for the popular Mississippi Mudsharks in the 90s, a band that gained much success touring and topping the Blues Charts in Europe. He has shared the stage with many notable performers over the years. His knowledge of American root music and his commitment to its preservation is evident in his starting and operating Double Barrel Records and creating The Rock Academy of San Diego a school and life training program for grade school kids."   ~~Ken Lehnig/ 10/31/11/ Songwriter's Marketplace  (Click here for full article)

San Diego Reader (Sep, 2011)  "Scottie Blinn has a new band? No surprises there. The veteran axe-master has been steadily adding to his musical bag of tricks since the Mississippi Mudsharks redefined blues and roots rock for a generation of blues lovers. No, the surprise in Black Market III (formerly Black Market Baby) is the trio's rhythm section: Roxanne Coverdale steps out on bass guitar and back-up/lead vocal and Haley Allen provides a no-nonsense bottom end on drums. The two are relative newcomers, but they played like juke joint veterans during their first official gig. This is the band to watch in 2012."  --Dave Good, San Diego Reader (Personal Review)

San Diego Reader (Sep, 2011)  "The music feature in the new Reader ish has my profile of San Diego musical legend Scottie Blinn (Mississippi Mudsharks, etc)"  --Jay Allen Sanford   (Click here for full article)