Thank You!!

Thanks to all our friends and fans for the kind words!! 


 "The Black Market III....Slick, uncompromising & FULL ON!  Arrived at The Chambers for their FIRST ever UK gig after traveling all day across Europe.  What a blistering show of raw blues & rock from consummate professionals!  A great look, a best attitude & WHAT A SOUND!!  Just stop me from getting this awesome band back here in the UK if you dare!!!" ~~Chris Smith (The Chambers, Folkestone, U.K.)

"One of the hardest working and smartest working bands on the scene...~~Nate Rubin (drummer and father of Ilan Rubin of Nine Inch Nails/ Paramore)

"Sat. evening went to Slidebar in Fullerton to see Black Market III, a trio hailing from San Diego.  Glad I skipped the Hootenany that headlined Social Distortion, because you get two for the money with Scottie Blinn - that is Mike Ness and Tom Waits mixed together in vocals, plus hard driving guitar - and, the nicest people you ever want to meet!" ~~Justine Audiss (Orange Co, CA)" ~~Justine Audiss/ Seahorse Music Promotions (Orange County, CA)

"BMIII will grab your attention within the first bar of the first song… As a professional sound engineer, it’s a rare treat to mix a band with their talent, passion, energy & power.  As a music enthusiast, it is an exhilarating experience to watch them play.  They breath new life into to some of the most legendary music spanning the generations blending it seamlessly with their own original songs and style.”  ~~Jeff Chergosky (Front of House Sound at Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay, San Diego, CA)

"If you ever have a chance to hear Black Market III you will dig it. They are a VERY versatile band with a strong connection to their audience. I love those guys."  ~~Bobby Bluehouse (Owner of the Acrcadia Blues Club, Arcadia, CA)

"This band really is the shit!  They know how to entertain an audience.  They rock it hard, and can bring the crowd down with the best of old school blues.  They kick ass, new CD is a blast!  It sounds modern without forgetting the roots of old time music.  It's everything I like!  And if Roxanne treats her husband the way she treats her bass...Scott's one helluva lucky fellow!"  ~~Erwin Bocklandt (Mothertrucker Roots Agency, Bonheiden, Belgium)

"Black Market III is killer...JUST KILLER"  ~~Frank Butler (Owner of Knucklehead's on Front Street, Temecula. CA)

"Black Market III is it's own genre.  With a firm foundation in blues, American roots, grease punk, and rock they have stepped outside the box and created a niche that is like no other.  Both hard hitting and soft spoken this band should be on your bucket list of not to be missed.  "Songs That Shake the Cage, their first CD is an OH BOY HOWDIE and should be a part of everyones collection. Black Market III, what an earshow!!   ~~Rosalea Schiavone (Wicked Harem Promotions, San Diego, CA)

"Black Market III has shown me nothing but professionalism on & off the stage. Top notch musicianship & business skills. I highly recommend them for any fitting music event! THESE GUYS ROCK!!"  ~~Scott Clayton (Owner/Talent Buyer On Point Promotions, San Diego, CA)

"Thanks to BMIII for a GREAT show at STARLINE this past Saturday! You guys ROCKED IT! For everyone who hasn't been to a BLACK MARKET III show... A MUST SEE BAND! Ole' David Lee Rock says, "Black Market III is a mash up of Social D and James Cotton... with jus' a lil' pinch o' Motorhead 'tude!"  ~~'David Lee Rock' (Promoter for the Starline, Fresno, CA)

Black Market III, Swing Fest, Wespelar, Belgium (Marcie Mieke Geukens, Rootstime, Belgium) Aug, 2014 And then came ‘Black Market III’ from San Diego, California. This trio increased the atmosphere with frontman Scottie 'Mad Dog' Blinn at the helm, a previous, frequent visitor to Belgium and Europe with 'The Mississippi Musharks', and the ambiance was assured. That band went their separate ways in 2009 but this 'new' trio managed to stimulate the crowd with their mix of course sounding blues, garage rock, rock and roll, roots and slow blues.  Their single minded approach and style where well savoured by the crowd.  

'If I Can Hold', 'Comin' At Ya' and 'After Dark’ all got a passionate edge from these rebel punks transformed to blues with an attitude.  The energetic Scottie Blinn on guitar and vocals had a nice raspy voice and Roxy Coverdale changed this set up with some very nice songs...a pleasing changeover.

They brought some songs from their first album 'Songs That Shake The Cage' as well as material from their latest album 'Black Roses'.
They also treated the crowd to a few covers from T-Bone Walker and Neil Young. During 'Old Man' the weather turned and a few 'rain tears' dropped down and grey skies appeared but not for long.   The fascinating drummer went on a crazy drum rampage, crawling, climbing and turning whilst hitting a steady drumbeat, there was nothing safe from him, not even the wet cobble stones.  An ecstatic crowd followed him off-stage.  

The three musicians finished their set with 'When The Sun Goes Down', although the sun was nowhere to be seen even though it was still afternoon.  As a live act this band should be nominated for their original, power driven and passionate approach and not only for best Rock/Blues album 2012 and 2013 with 'Songs That Shake The Cage' and 'Black Roses'.

Street Life Fest, Leverkusen, Germany (Von Frank Weiffen, Kölner Stadt-Unzeiger) Aug, 2014 Backstage, singer and guitarist Scottie Blinn says, "we came here to get out of the heat, and now it's damn hot! " And Blinn must really know.  Black Market III of San Diego takes the stage with their bone-dry, wonderfully crunchy Blues and Rock.  The trio playing the stage directly in front of the Topos Club had one of the best performances of the open airs.

"Take it from one of their hometown fans, Black Market III just keeps getting better and better! Broke out in goosebumps last time I heard them play (last weekend!) you're going to want to check them out!"  ~~James Mosier

"Deep, dark infectious Blues that hits you stronger than any vice.  Make sure you save your tears for guitar tones, flooding an engine room that never gives! - Stunning!" ~~Katie Bradley (Blues singer, Folkestone, UK)

"Americana from the heavy end of the CD bin.  After a lifetime of exploring the history of the blues, Scottie Blinn and his bandmates turn their explorations to postwar and modern American folk and gospel...with big fat soul-shaking electric guitar!"  ~~Joey Harris (vocals/guitar for The Mentals and The Beat Farmers, San Diego, CA)

"Black Market III is the epitome of the Power Trio.  Gritty and Greasy but still able to wow you with the sweetest sultry blues.  One of the best most original groups on the West Coast and beyond that I have seen!... Dynamite!"  ~~John Clifton (The John Clifton Blues Band, Fresno, CA)

"You gave us an awesome show. Looking forward to seeing you again in a few weeks!" ~~April Hamilton (Drink Server/ Arcadia Blues Club, Arcadia, CA)

"It was a great show. Been hearing so much old dude in hawaiian shirt blues lately I was beginning to forgot how awesome the music could be. Can't wait for y'all to come back through!"  ~~Felicia Aleman, Modesto, CA

"Black Market lll really rocks the house whether it's a crowd of 1000 or a small handful the energy that they put into each performance is just awesome."  ~~Marc Theriault and Mexa Morgan (San Diego, CA)

"Scottie, I f****n' DIG your version of our song!  Way to rock it, man... Killer!  I'll be looking for the video.  Thanks fer the heads up.  Gotta get my hands on a copy of the CD!  Meanwhile, all the best to you and your rockin Black Market III, my friend... DF"  ~~Douglas Farage (DFX2, San Diego legends)

"I just got a copy of "Songs That Shake The Cage" from my brother... LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! Thanks for covering "If I Can Hold"... Excellent arrangement & performance. Let's be friends."  ~~David Farage (DFX2, San Diego legends)

"...and Scottie Blinn, as I was cranking out all those songs that truly SHAKE my f****ng cage down to the very core this past Sunday, a little Mexican kid here in my ghetto paradise was walking by and actually stopped to ask me who that ROCKIN' band was.  He said that that was the kind of music that prompted him to ask his parents for a guitar for Xmas a few weeks ago.  Was a pretty cool little encounter. :~)"  ~~John Liddicoat (Phoenix, AZ)

"Damn swampy roots stuff with a hot rodded blues heart & a fabulous chief Blinn!"  ~~Tony Mulkes (Dynamite Roadkill/ Trendkill Tattoo, Celle, Germany)

Received your CD a couple of days back.  What great music you're playing. I really enjoyed listening, but then "Where Did You Sleep Last Night" hit me and that song blew me away.  I know at least two guys that need your CD for Christmas, so I just bought them.  I really regret haven't seen you in Germany, but I read a great review of a show and based on that decided to check you out.  I'm looking forward to see you next time!  ~~Haimo Rudatsch (Duisberg, Germany)

"Great songs & great sound! Love it! Keep up the good work!!! Cheers from Switzerland! BB."  ~~Danglerz Gut Rock (CA & Switzerland)

"Wow! what a weekend! I want to thank you guys for putting on such an intense and inspiring performance both nights. You blew some minds and made some loyal friends and fans!"  ~~Michael Thompson (Reno, NV)

"3 more wake ups 'til Reno's BMIII WEEKEND!!!"  ~~Kim Thompson (Reno, NV)